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All New

Oem replacement core that mounts in your Oem manifold, installs exactly like Oem, while retaining all Oem hardware (this is a direct plug & play)

Perfect for the people looking for an additional 13-17% more power capabilities without losing response like some of the others on the market.

True Forged Billet high flow point milled compressor wheel

Garrett Gtx high flow 9 blade style turbine wheel

Internals of the turbocharger have been also upgraded & strengthened

Comes with our high flow aluminum 64mm inlet.

Perfect for the people looking for an additional 13-17% more power capabilities without losing response like some of the others on the market.

Truly is the nicest Supercore upgrade on the market With the highest overall quality guaranteed.

Designed, Machined, Vsr balanced & assembled in the USA.

6 Month Limited Warranty 

Turbo Guidelines

Turbocharger Guidelines

Always change oil based on how you driven the car in X amount of miles & not solely on miles alone.

Few Popular Choices Minimum Oil

Group 4 Oil

30w or 40w Motul xcess, 8100 Liqui Moly synthoil

BestGroup 5

Highest quality oils are Ester base Group 5 Oils

Amsoil signature series Redline High performance Motul Sport No cheap dealership oils or 20w oils

Absolutely no Oem/Ots tunes on our turbos (Except the Hypercores) or risk damage @ your expense.

No Oem air box or panel filters over 23psi on any of our turbos (Except the Hypercores) regardless of what you heard "you risk damage to the turbo @ your expense."

If you have the Mst Style air boxes you should replace the filter with this one as it is a much better option (Superior setup) Once you add Proram Filter


Gen 2 B58s PR-CC-194-VS-102-BK-KIT

034 Motorsports, Injen to name a few & Dinan Style is another good choice for cars under 28psi 

At some point you will need a proper exhaust especially if running hard often & usually around 28psi on the BMW & much sooner on the Supra (24psi) Dinan or Arm Motorsports 3.25" mid-section for F series is perfect for most but for guys running mid 30psi etc a 3.5" is the absolute perfect exhaust especially on our New Big New Gen Turbos, nothing larger tbh, the end of the dp should always match the Dia of the exhaust so 3.5" Exhaust should have the dp end opened to 3.5" or it's pointless as you're not getting anywhere near the full effects of the exhaust.

(Perfect) Supra Mid Section Exhaust is the Kooks 3.5" Full Mid Section (Part # KOOKS 44114300)

Proper maintenance prior to turbo install & other high performance mods are essential to overall success of your build. Proper warm up & cool down is essential to keeping your turbocharger healthy.

Nearly all Turbo issues can be avoided by the end user.

NOTE: Please don't touch the compressor wheel "don't move the wheel from side to side" all you're doing is causing an issue. There will always be side to side play (Radial play) until oil pressure is present.

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